Frequently Asked questions

Q: What’s the timings of the festival?
A: The festival is from 11:00am – 11:00pm. Last entry for the festival is 7:30pm

Q: How do I buy tickets?
A: Tickets can be purchased via our website

Q: How many tickets can I buy at once if I’ve pre registered?
A: Anyone who has been lucky enough to get onto the Pre-register list can purchase no more than 4 tickets

Q: When do tickets go on sale? 
A: 30th January – Tickets go on sale for anyone who has pre registered for tickets. 31st January – General release tickets go on sale.

Q: If we pre register for tickets can we collect them earlier than general release tickets?
A: Yes, 48 hours before the Festival you will be able to collect your pre purchased tickets and tokens from a pre determined location which we will announce in the coming weeks. If you have pre registered and collect your wristband and token you will be able to gain entry to the festival much quicker. You will still be required to pass through security.

Q: How do we collect our tickets if we have pre registered
A: You will receive an email on the location to collect your wristband.

Q: Can i get a refund on my ticket if I can’t attend the event?
A: Tickets are non-refundable, you can however give your tickets to a friend or sell them on at face value. Anyone found to be selling on tickets for profit will be banned from purchasing tickets to any of our events in the future and that ticket will become null and void. 

Q: Do we need tickets for children under the age of 12?
A: Yes, children under the age of 12 will need tickets, however, any child aged 3 or under will not need a ticket

Q: How do we receive our tickets? 
A: Tickets will be sent in an email by means of a QR code, make sure you download your QR code or print them off. You will then have your QR codes scanned upon entry and receive a wristband.

Q: What do i get if i buy a VIP ticket? 
A: Your VIP ticket will get you speedy entry, a private cash & card bar offering a wider range of spirits and cocktails, private posh loos, a private viewing balcony overlooking the festival site and main stage, a private beer garden looking over our second stage, a themed VIP tent for shelter from the elements and a premium food trader.

Q: Can I purchase a VIP ticket if I’m under 25? 
A: No, our VIP area is 25+. ID will be required on entry to VIP, if you’re found to be under 25 with a ticket, you will be refused entry to VIP but will have access to the main site.

Q: I don’t have my QR codes can you resend them?
A: Check your spam folders, if you still cant find your tickets we can resend them if you contact us via the contact form on our website, you will only be able to scan a ticket in once though, our system will recognise duplicate tickets and you will be refused entry, so please don’t try and pass any resent tickets to friends.


Q: Can i pre purchase my tokens this year to save having to queue?
A: Yes, we are trailing pre purchased tokens this year after long queueing times last year for tokens. If you’re 18+ you can purchase drinks tokens via the ticketing website. Simply have your QR code ready on entry and you will be given your tokens.

Q: What are the tokens for?
A: Tokens are for the purchase of alcohol, 1 token can be exchanged for either 1 beer or cider, 1 spirit & mixer, 1 shot. Tokens can be snapped in half to purchase soft drinks.

Q: Can i use left over tokens from last year or this years tokens for next year? 
A: No, please only purchase tokens you intend to spend on the day, all tokens are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q: If i run out of pre purchased token can i buy more online during the day?
A: No, BUT we will have token tents, so you can purchase more tokens on the day if you run out. We accept cash & card at these tents 

Q: Do i need to buy tokens if i have a VIP ticket?
A: No, our private bar in VIP will accept cash and card, however if you wish to use any of the other bars on site you will need tokens.

The Music

Q: How long will each band, DJ or artist be on for?
A: Set time vary from act to act, typically a set will last 60 to 90 minutes.

Q: What bands and acts are playing this year? 
A: We have two stages this year, information on the lineup will be coming soon and when available can be found HERE.

Enjoying The Festival

Q: Can i bring my own food & drinks?
A: You are allowed to bring in one sealed bottle of water (Not glass), other than that you will not be able to bring in any food or drink. Security will be checking bags every time you enter the festival site. We have some fantastic food traders in our festival so there will be a wide range of food available.

If you or your child have a specific dietary requirement, allergies or food intolerances, you will be allowed to bring in your own food at security’ discretion (not enough to feed the 5000 though please). You will be permitted to bring in baby food as long as it’s not in glass containers.

Q: Will the bars cater to any gluten intolerance?
A: Yes, we will have products suitable for anyone who has gluten intolerances or are celiac.

Q: I don’t drink alcohol, will there be something for me?
A: Yes, we will have a selection of soft drinks along with some non-alcoholic beers.

Q: Do you use local producers of alcoholic products?
A: Yes, absolutely, a big aim of our festival is to support local as much as we possibly can. We will have plenty of local products available from the bar.

Q: Can i bring my dog or pet in?
A: Unfortunately pets are not allowed anywhere on site apart from assitance/guide dogs.

Q: Can I leave and re-enter the site?
A: We hope you wont want to, however everyone entering the site will be given a wristband, and should you need to leave, you will be able to as long as you return with your wristband on. Please keep this to a minimum, anything deemed to be excessive in leaving and re-entering will result in you being refused re-entry for security reasons. You will be searched upon re-entry.

Q: Can I bring my own chair?
A: Due to large numbers we are encouraging people not to bring there own chairs as it can be a safety problem. However you may bring a rug or shooting-stick so you don’t need to be on your feet all day. Anything deemed too bulky will not be allowed in and will be confiscated.

Q:What can’t I bring on site? 
A: Please see our list of prohibited items on our Terms & Conditions here.

Q: Can we bring in wind breaks or sun tents?
A: No, these pose huge risks to you and others in an emergency where we would need to evacuate the site. Clambering over tents and wind breaks would hinder a speedy evacuation and could potentially put lives at risk.

Q: Is there a meeting point? 
A: You can use our information point as a meeting point.

Accessible Facilities

Q: Will there be wheelchair access / accessible facilities
A: As a festival that takes place in a field, we do our best to make our site accessible for everyone. Providing we have good weather on the lead up to the event, the site is easy to get around in wheelchairs, we have disabled toilets on the main site & VIP. If you have any particular needs please get in touch with us before and we will do our best to help.

Getting To And From The Site

Q: Will there be parking? 
A: We unfortunately cannot offer any parking due to where the site is located, we strongly advise using public transport to get busses either into St.Peter Port and walking in, or catching buses to the halfway. Victoria avenue will be closed off to traffic apart from disabled badge holders needing to drop off and pick up.

Q: Can i cycle to the festival?
A: Yes, this year we will be providing a bike parking area outside of the festival site where you will be able to lock your bicycle up.

Q: Will there be busses to the festival?
A: No, you will need to use public transport should you wish to catch a bus.

Q: Will there be busses leaving the festival.
A: Yes, we hope so….we’re still currently working on this and will post more info on our website & social media platforms when it becomes available.

Q: Is there a drop off point?
A: Only for blue disabled badge holders, no traffic will be allowed to drive up or down Victoria Avenue during the day of the 28th, unless you are a resident of the area.


Q: How do I become one of the food traders?
A: Please complete our (FOOD FORM INSERT HERE) to apply.

Q: How do I become a trader? 
A: Please complete our (TRADER FORM INSERT HERE) to apply.

Q: How do i become an event steward for the events? 
A: Please complete our (VOLUNTEER FORM INSERT HERE) to apply.

Q: I still have a question that hasn’t been answered above
A: Please fill in our online form to contact us, we may take up to 24/48 hrs to respond on a normal day and maybe even longer on the week leading up to the event.